New South Wales Combined High Schools


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State Cup Boys KO Competition - 2014

Comprehensive High Schools

Results in Regions

Hunter 4/4/14
North Coast 13/6/14
North West Current
Riverina 5/6/14
South Coast 4/6/14
Sydney East 2/6/14
Sydney North 16/5/14
Sydney South West
Sydney West 19/6/14
Final 16 Series Results
Final: Lambton HS 1 defeated Turramurra HS 0
Player of the Series: Aidan Hancock (Turramurra)
Player of the Final: Harrison Smith (Lambton)

Sydney East Champion: Sydney Boys' HS
Sydney East Champion: Engadine HS

CHS Sports High Schools

Final: Westfields SHS 1 defeated The Hills Sports HS 0
Player of the Series: Shaun Borthwick (The Hills)
Player of the Final: Lawrence Hanna (Westfields)