2018 Puma Cup Boys KO Competition

Comprehensive High Schools

The Round of 16: The Road to the Finals

The Semi-Finals

Result of the Final: Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts 3 defeated Karabar High School 0

Champions, Wollongong HSPA

Karabar HS

Player of the Final, Tane Nunn (Wollongong HSPA)

Player of the Series, Nicolas Felizzi (Karabar HS)

Results From Schools Sports Associations

Final Results

North Coast
Final Results

North West
Final Results

Final Results

South Coast
Final Results

Sydney East
Final Results

Sydney North
Final Results

Sydney South West
Final Results

Sydney West
Final Results

Final Results

Riverina Champion: Wade HS

Sydney East 1 Champion: Kirrawee HS

Sydney East 2 Champion: Georges River College, Oatley Senior Campus

Sydney West A Champion: Wyndham College

Sydney South West B Champion: Liverpool Boys’ HS

South Coast A Champion: Wollongong HS of the Performing Arts

Sports High Schools

Result of the Final: Westfields Sports High School 2 defeated The Hills Sports High School 0

Photographs of the Round Robin Games played on 7 March

Champions, Westfields SHS

The Hills SHS

Player of the Final, Martin Fernandez (Westfields SHS)

Player of the Series, Dean Pelekanos (The Hills HS)